Conditions of participation

for trade fair visitors (at the Hunkeler Innovationdays)

Wikon, November 1, 2022

1. All visitors to and participants in the Hunkeler Innovationdays undertake to register in person. This can be done online or on site. The personal or business details provided must be truthful and reflect current circumstances. Every visitor/participant can only register once per event. Registration is exclusive to one person and non-transferable.

2. The registration details are used for planning and statistical purposes aimed at fostering further development, planning and service improvements in respect of upcoming events.

3. Personal details of all visitors and participants are made accessible to all exhibiting companies participating in the event. This is to ensure simple and efficient customer communications. A lead tracking system developed for trade fair management is used which enables all exhibitors who wish to do so to scan a QR code on the visitor/participant name badge and thus receive personal contact information. Passing on the personal details shall be limited to contact information used to provide information on other products and the conversations held at the stands. These include first names, surnames, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

4. All visitors to and participants in the Hunkeler Innovationdays undertake to wear the name badge received so that it is clearly visible. This applies for the whole stay and the full duration of the Hunkeler Innovationdays. The personal name badge must be shown to employees of Hunkeler AG and security staff at any time. Anyone not wearing the name badge can be expelled from the event.

5. Videos will be made and photos will be taken during the event. These can be used for both current and future marketing and social media activities of Hunkeler AG and the Hunkeler Innovationdays. The images and video recordings can be used without the prior approval of persons who appear therein.

6. All instructions regarding safety and hygiene measures, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic regulations must be followed.

7. If one or more points of these Conditions of Participation is violated or if the visitor/participant does not agree to it, this may result in them being excluded from the event.

8. In special cases, the organizer Hunkeler AG reserves the right to cancel registrations that have already been confirmed and thus to deny the respective persons access to the event. The person concerned will be notified of this as soon as possible.

9. The privacy policy of Hunkeler AG Paper Processing applies.


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